Our dream
is «Mriya» in the sky !

International Charitable Fund for the Reconstruction of the World's Largest AN-225 «Mriya» Transport Aircraft
In the photo, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi with a souvenir AN-225 model
In the photo, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi with a souvenir AN-225 model


To build a "Mriya" for the sake of the memory of our heroes - I think that this is the right statesman's position and the right dream.
Volodymyr Zelenskyi - President of Ukraine

АN-225 «Mriya» is the largest and most powerful Ukrainian airlift aircraft in the world, the holder of 240 world aviation-related records, included in the Guinness Book of Records.

On February 27, 2022, during the attack of Russian troops on Hostomel Airport, the aircraft was severely damaged. ANTONOV COMPANY has already started preparations for rebuilding the aircraft.

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In the photo, Dmytro Antonov , commander of the AN-255
In the photo, Dmytro Antonov , commander of the AN-255 "Mriya" aircraft

of the commander
of AN-225 «Mriya»

A very important step has been taken in rebuilding our legendary aircraft AN-225 «Mriya».

My dream comes true. It is necessary to dream, because it inspires new achievements, desire to live, work and create for the sake of the future and for the sake of the new Ukraine.

We aim efforts of the Fund at rebuilding our «Mriya» aircraft, due to joint action of the entire aeronautic community of the world within the scope of this project.

I am sure, the new «Mriya» aircraft will soar into the sky, and the entire world will see its majestic flight when the new, beautiful and powerful Ukraine celebrates the 35th anniversary of independence!

Dmytro Antonov, commander of AN-225 «Mriya»

Letter from

Letter from ANTONOV Company

Letter from

About Foundation

logo of Charitable Foundation

Our Foundation was created as a charitable and non-profit organization in full compliance with the legislation of Ukraine.

The only and exclusive goal of the Fund is to attract funds from donors, which will be directed to the reconstruction of the unique Ukrainian transport aircraft An-225 «Mriya».

The fund carries out its activities in full accordance with the declared goal, attracting and accumulating funds.

The fund is in direct contact with ANTONOV COMPANY and will have reliable information about the development of the aircraft reconstruction project.

After the formation of the Fund's governing bodies is completed, a memorandum of cooperation is planned to be signed with ANTONOV COMPANY.

All expenses of the funds involved will be carried out exclusively on the basis of the decisions of the Supervisory Board of the Fund, the composition of which will be formed in the near future. After the completion of the formation of the Supervisory Board, the Fund's accounts will be opened in leading banking institutions and the collection of funds will begin.

The Fund's activities are based on the principles of openness, transparency and regular reporting. Any cooperation of the Fund with the aggressor country and participation in political activities are excluded.

All information about the Fund's activities will be posted on the Fund's official information resources.

We invite you to cooperate, we will be grateful for your help and support!

Appeal of the
Head of Foundation

In the photo, Head of the Foundation - Oleksiy Zolotarov
In the photo, Head of the Foundation - Oleksiy Zolotarov

We loved this aircraft… We love this aircraft!

Rebuilding a unique aircraft is both a lofty goal and a difficult task. Due to our Fund, everyone can participate in achieving this goal and become part of a great project.

The only task of the Fund is to create conditions for everyone who is ready to assist rebuilding of AN-225 and to unite the community of dreamers behind this idea.

The function of the Head of the Fund, as well as my personal function, is to arrange and launch the Fund’s work, communicate and ensure implementation of decisions of the Supervisory Board, as well as unconditional transparency in activities and proactive work to achieve the ultimate goal.

My personal dream is to take a turn again through all the corners of the rebuilt aircraft along with the commander Dmytro Antonov, to hold the control stick again and then see a majestic and exciting takeoff of this bird!

Our «Mriya» aircraft needs to get new wings and we can all help it.

I thank everyone who is going to support my dream and our new «Mriya» aircraft.

Everything around us was once a dream, so let’s dream and act together.

Oleksiy Zolotarov, Head of the Foundation

Supervisory Board

To ensure transparent and efficient operation of the Fund, a Supervisory Board is established at the earliest possible time, with well-known and influential people as its members.

The commander of the aircraft, Dmytro Antonov, has already granted his consent to become a member of the Fund’s Supervisory Board.

Now, negotiations commence with Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger to join the Fund’s Supervisory Board.

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